548 Benfield Boulevard (Rear of Benfield Village Shopping Center)
Severna Park, MD 21146
(410) 544-0085

Doug Golden, Proprietor

Duplicate Bridge games available - All Levels of Play
Instruction and Partners Available

For partners, contact Patti Teague at (410) 206-2229 or 24pmdrummond@gmail.com
For Bridge Lessons, contact Lannetta Schmidt at (410) 925-6786 or lkspjs@ix.netcom.com

Our schedule of games can be found here.

Severna Park Bridge Club News
After 14 years of running the Severna Park Bridge Club, Lady Pam Schaffer has decided to step down and be a player. Lady Pam grew the club to six days a week, with a normal turn out between 3 and 10 tables for each session. The club's players are known throughout the region for their exemplary play at all levels of competition. Lady Pam’s leadership as the club owner/manager will be missed.

The new club owner/manager is Doug Golden. The club will continue to have sessions 6 days a week. See the Schedule Page for details.

As the new owner/manager of the Club, Doug has added Bridgemates for easier scoring for all sessions. Bridgemate user guides may be found here.

Ms. Lanetta Schmidt will be starting a Bridge Basics 2 Class on January 29th at 2PM. If interested please contact the club at 410-544-0085 for additional information. The fee for this class is $115.

Please come out and play Duplicate Bridge with us!!! Games are $9 a session. Special games may be more.

New Intermediate Bridge Class - Starting Thursday Afternoon, January 29, 2015 (9 weeks)!
The Severna Park Bridge Club is offering Bridge Basics 2, starting Thursday, January 29, 2015.  The total cost for all nine Thursday afternoon (2:00 - 4:00 PM) lessons is $115.  Classes are held at the Severna Park Bridge Club (548 Benfield Village Shopping Center). For further information please contact the bridge club (410-544-0085) or Lannetta Schmidt at (410) 925-6786 or lkspjs@ix.netcom.com. The textbook will be Audrey Grant’s book Bridge Basics 2 (Competitive Bidding).

Sectional Tournament At Clubs (STAC) February 9-14, 2015
There will be a Sectional Tournament At Clubs (STAC) during the week of February 9-14. Contact club to find out which games will be part of the STAC, and what the game fee will be. Silver points will be awarded, and hand records will be available! Game fee will be $TBD per session.

Swiss Team Game - Thursday Evening, February 12, 2015!
We will be holding a Swiss Team game Thursday Evening, February 12 at 7:15 pm, so get your team together and make plans to attend! Pre-registering is appreciated but not required.

Individual Movement Game - Wednesday Morning, February 25, 2015!
We will be holding a Individual Movement game Wednesday Morning, February 25 at 10:00 am. You sign up as an individual, and you will play with a different partner each round, so plan accordingly and have a fun time! Reservations are required.

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